Quadrata Canada

2 to 4 players  |  Ages 10+  | 15 minutes / player


Quadrata Canada is a family game in which you will use multiplication tables to visit the country’s major cities and attractions. Making the right combinations of destinations will allow you to use taxis, trains, or planes in order to be more efficient than your opponents, and maybe even win trophies.

A Player’s Turn

Each round, a new day begins with a special event for all players. Then, in clockwise order, they each perform the four steps of their turn:

  1. Refresh the available destinations.
  2. Visit one destination by using two of their available movement tokens and multiply them. They then write the points won for this destination on their map and take the bonuses if the selected destination is adjacent or of the same colour as another one previously visited.
  3. Book a destination for later.
  4. Draw new movement tokens from their bag.

End of game

The game ends when all players finished their seventh day of travel. They then add their points and the player with the most point wins.

The rules

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(french rules start at page 9/15)
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