Quadrata Canada

Educational board games for families and schools

Discover a unique collection of stimulating and fun board games, specifically designed to promote learning and knowledge development in children.

I strongly believe that learning can be exciting and playful. That’s why I have created original and captivating board games that are enjoyed by both children and parents.

I aim to offer games that:

  • 📖 Provide simple and clear rules to allow children to quickly understand the concept of the game, while offering enough depth and strategy to captivate adults.
  • 👨‍👩‍👧 Allow players of different ages to actively participate and interact with each other.
  • 🎨 Are visually appealing, with colourful and engaging graphics, tailored to children’s tastes and imagination, while also being aesthetically pleasing to adults.
  • 🏆 Offer a balanced gaming experience, where everyone has a chance to win, regardless of age.
  • 🧠 Allow children to develop intellectual, motor, and social skills, while providing adults with an intellectual challenge and stimulating their competitive spirit in a healthy and fun way.
Quadrata Canada

My games cover subjects such as mathematics 🧮, history 🔥, and geography 🗺️. Each game has been carefully designed to provide both an exciting gaming experience and meaningful learning.

Whether you are a family looking to offer your children an entertaining educational alternative to screens, or a school searching for innovative teaching tools, you should find games here that meet your needs.

Join me on my mission of playful learning and provide your family or classroom with an unforgettable educational experience.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or special requests, you could inspire my next game.

Quadrata Canada

I wanted to create a game that could help memorize the Canadian provinces and multiplication tables in a fun way. That’s how I created Quadrata Canada, a game in which players have to try and visit cities and attractions in the country by choosing number tokens drawn from a bag.

The game made it to the finals of the 2022 Proto de l’année contest. Following the judges’ feedback, I made changes that improved the sense of adventure in the game. I also made some modifications to reduce production costs. 

Amérique 1500

We are in 1500, at a time when the Europeans have not yet settled in America. A large fair is being prepared among all 4 societies.

In Amérique 1500, players compete to be the first to complete tasks. On their turn, the player starts by rolling the nature die which grants an advantage to all players or only to the active player. Then, they must choose one action among these four: explore their territory, engage in trade, craft items, or gather resources.